Best Demi Lovato Hairstyles

5 Aug

Like the blue-tinted fishtail side braid she rocked in her Teen Vogue spread, Lovato is always game for something new, different and exciting. She always follicle fabulous, but through it all, she remains uniquely Demi. Weve picked out some of the Heart Attack singers most memorable coifs of the past year and change. Check out the Best Demi Lovato Hairstyles below! Shaggy Layers As Lovato promoted her 2013 album Demi, she showed off her more natural locks.After a years worth of damaging dyes, root-ripping extensions and constant changes, she rocked a utilitarian, unfussy shag with tons and tons of layers in early 2013.Its a rich brown shade, with a rugged, choppy texture that totally flatters her face shape.Its refreshing to see her go messy, unkempt and rocker chick with her strands.

Celebrity Hair Through The Years

We really love their hair. Choose your icon and try her ‘do! by Glamour Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images, Harry Langdon/Getty ImagesGo Sleek: The Supremes’ lead singer, Diana Ross, was a hair chameleon. For her short, sleek style, apply a smoothing serum, or use a curl enhancer for her amazing volume, like the model’s above right. See more: 14 Seriously Cute Hairstyles for Curly Hair Central Press/Getty Images, Mark Leibowitz Go Easy: To get Joni Mitchell’s fringe and swingy, carefree hair (also seen backstage and on half of Hollywood!), apply thickening spray, then blow-dry For more music icon-inspired hairstyles pick up the August issue of Glamour on newsstands now, or download the digital edition.

Fresh Hairstyles to Try Inspired by Our Favorite Music Icons

Her flawless, pin-straight middle-parted mane topped off her hippie image. Cher’s influence is clear as the quest for straight hair and ironing tools’ popularity continues . 6. 1970s: The ’70s brought us disco, skates, feminism and Farrah Fawcett. The striking “Charlie’s Angels” actress was arguably best known for her famous feathered layers. The frosty style is still sought after fifty years later. Need proof?

Musikfest hairstyles: Braided Ponytail

Black hair art is the way we black people manage our hair, she said. Hair and fashion trendsetters including Solange Knowles have inspired women to reclaim the braided look. There are several variations of braids and a sea of style possibilities with or without using extension hair. Styles called box braids, tree braids, Havana twists and Senegalese twists are among the most popular looks with extension hair this summer, Chindo said. Women are taking them to great lengths, wearing their braids or twists down their backs or longer. However, Chindo noted, long hair is not the most ideal in the summer heat. Bouffants, oversize buns and a number of creative up-dos that get the hair off the neck can be worn to keep women cooler yet stylish.

More black women embracing ‘natural’ hairstyles

3. Braid the section towards the back of your head while still staying slightly off to the side, leaving the end of the braid undone. Going too far one way or another will make the braid lay awkwardly in the pony. Dont fret if you have to do this step more than once to get it just right. 3. Gently gather your hair and the braid into a ponytail and secure with an elastic band. 4.


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