Balancing activities like wearing high heels could lead to wiser purchasing decisions: study

27 Aug

By Tracy Miller / NEW YORK DAILY NEWS Monday, August 26, 2013, 12:48 PM Comment Pat Carroll/New York Daily News An excuse to wear your stilettos to the grocery store? Being off-balance leads us to make more balanced purchasing choices, researchers found. They might pinch your feet, but wearing high heels can also help you pinch pennies, a new study suggests. Being a little off-balance when making purchasing decisions whether it’s wearing heels to the mall or tipping back on two legs while you shop online helps you make more balanced choices, according to researchers at Brigham Young University. The reason?

Study: Wearing high heels causes long-term foot damage, “clawing of the toes”

The study, published in the current issue of the Journal of Marketing Research, found people focused on balancing were more likely to buy a 42-inch television for $450 than a bigger, more expensive model or a smaller, cheaper TV. The researchers concluded that people should be aware of how physical elements can influence the buying decisions they make. “We need to sit back for a minute and consider, ‘Is this really what I want, or are the shoes I’m wearing influencing my choice?'” study co-author Darron Billeter said in the news release. “We need to be more aware of what is influencing our choices.” More information This article from Psychology Today takes a look at impulse buying .

Want to Spend Less? Shop in High Heels, Study Says

We think that the large muscle strains that occur when walking in heels may ultimately increase the likelihood of strain injuries, Dr. Neil Cronin, one of the studys lead researchers, told the Times. The damage for heel- wearers is not eased by switching to sneakers or flats, according to the study, because that only increases the risk of injury by forcing the foot into a new position. The repeated wearing of high heels is widely known to increase the risk of such conditions as osteoarthritis, hammer toes, bunions and corns, but doctors said the damage could be happening in areas beyond the legs, such asthe back, and in areas and ways not immediately evident, such as the heart. Inflammation inside your body can happen anywhere. It can happen from wearing shoes, Little, who was not involved in the Australian study, told ABC News. When we put your foot into a shoe, it has nowhere to go but to bind the toes. Homing in on the point, sky high heels researchers in England last week also released a study, published in the Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases Journal , that found wearing high heelscould lead to flat feet,as it canweaken the tendons that support the arch of the foot, leading it to fall, which causes pain and can make it difficult to walk.

3-D Scan Reveals Foot Damage by High Heels

They hope the PedCAT 3-D scanner will transform the treatment of foot and ankle problems often caused by wearing high heels. The new scanner allows us to clearly see how the foot and ankle looks and functions inside shoes fully weight bearing, Andy Goldberg, a consultant orthopedic surgeon at the hospital, said in a news release . Patients can stand in the scanner wearing their shoes or barefoot while hundreds of 2-D X-rays are taken of their feet. The images are then combined to create a 3-D image from every angle in just 60 seconds. While there is an established connection between high heels and foot pain, this is the first time the effect of shoes on feet can be seen in real time.

High Heels, High Danger?

Using revolutionary 3D scanning technology, researchers at North Londons Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital have created an image of a contorted, misshapen female foot in a high-heeled shoe. For the first time ever, the animation, which was compiled from hundreds of 2D scans of patients feet, allows doctors to see the effects of wearing high heels in real time, providing irrefutable evidence of the long-term damage caused by wearing such shoes. In a press release for the study, consulting orthopedic surgeon Andy Goldberg says that instead of looking at isolated X-rays of a foot and ankle from one angle, the PEDCat 3D scanner lets doctors see how the foot and ankle function inside shoes fully weight bearing. This will help us treat patients earlier to prevent long term problems, and influence the design of new and better footwear in the future, says Goldberg. In the above animation, Goldberg further explains the grisly effects of prolonged high heel-wearing on the feet, including intense pain and fixed clawing of the toes (which is like elf feet, but in reverse ). For many years, Goldberg adds our feet have had to fit into someone elses ideas of someone elses ideas of our shoes rather than making shoes to fit our feet, and that paradigm has to change. Food for thought next time youre shopping for heels that the TSA would classify as lethal weapons .


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