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Boy, 11, Taken Out Of School By His Mother Because He Was Kicked Out Of Classes After He Had A Vw Logo Shaved Into His Hair

16 Jan

‘The minute we got home he burst into tears. He was chuffed with his hair over Christmas and then all this happened when he went back and it knocked him down. He was gutted. ‘He was hurt to think he’d been put into isolation and for something so trivial. It is not right that he had to sit in a room by himself because of a haircut. I kept him off because I’m not having my son treated as a prisoner.’ Mother Charlotte Eccleston, left, said she ‘didn’t want her son to be treated like a prisoner’ after 11-year-old Zac, right, was put into isolation for his VW shaved hairstyle Zac’s stepdad, Jamie Betteley, said the decision to put the youngster in isolation over a haircut was ‘pathetic’.

The best celebrity hairstyles of 2013: Vote for your favorite

For the past three meg ryan hairstyles years, the Hair Care Examiner has reported on the hairstyle awards that feature 18 categories of your favorite celebrity hairstyles of women in television, sports and government. The Super-Hair Crown Awards top celebrity hairstyle winners from last year went to Glee star Lea Michele and tennis champ Victoria Azarenka . Since 2000, Super-Hair.Net has awarded top nods for celebrity hairstyles with 1.5 million visitors since its inception, and this years Super-Hair Crown Awards are looking for your help in selecting the top celebrity hairstyles of 2013. Public voting began this past Sunday for the 14th Annual Crown Awards. The best celebrity hairstyles of 2013 will be announced on Thursday, March 13 amid an online live chat via Super-Hair.Net. Zooey Deschanel has been nominated four times for Best Long Hair, Best Hairstyle on Television, Best Brunette and Best Bangs, which she won in 2012, a fact reiterated by the Webmaster of Super-Hair.Net.

’90s Hair Trends That Should Never Come Back

It is one of the most defining decades of our lives, with movies, TV shows and love ballads that are still near and dear to our hearts today. Remember Blossoms signature flower floppy hat ? What about grooving to Aaliyah’s “Back & Forth?” And who didn’t outline their frosty lipstick with dark lip liner? But, while indulging in our nostalgic reverie, we encountered hairstyles that we never want to see again. Ever. The era of crimped hair, bandana headbands and butterfly clips needs to stay away from 2014 — and just because Miley Cyrus rocked bantu knots doesn’t mean they’re okay, alright? So we’re calling for a ban against these ’90s hair trends: Chinese hair sticks


Runway-inspired Hairstyles To Try For New Year’s Eve

1 Jan

We got all the details on how to replicate the cool catwalk coifs from the hairstylists who created themGuido Palau, Orlando Pita, and Jeanie Syfu, respectively. So whether you opt for bombshell curls or an Edwardian updo, just don’t expect to fly solo when the clock strikes midnight. Ladies, start your blow-dryers… By Susannah Cahn December 31, 2013

The Most Iconic Hairstyles Of All Time: You’ll Probably Never Guess Who’s #1!!

The app utilizes 3D technology to browse potential hairstyles. In the app, users can upload their photo, and 3D technology allows them to try on hairstyles virtually. The 3D facial reconstruction technology creates a 3D model of a person’s head just from a single image. The features of NewDo allow people to preview hairstyles on their own face, and find a hairstyle that is most complimentary. NewDo offers each hairstyle in various natural and fancy haircolors. Using advanced technology, the hairstyles match the face shape, pose and skin tone uniquely.

New App Makes Changing Hairstyles A Breeze

Why do you think Herbal Essences likened the feeling of perfect tresses to the orgasmic rush of sex back in the day? Hmm?? And according to a recent survey, there’s one celebrity in particular who owns the crown when it comes to the most iconic hair of all time. Learn who it is AFTER THE JUMP!!! Audrey Hepburn may be long gone, but the legacy of her hair is still as strong as ever!! In fact, images and memories of her beautiful beehive in Breakfast At Tiffanys are still SO prominent that her Holly Golightly hairstyle was just voted the #1 Most Iconic Hairstyle of All Time!

5 fresh celeb-inspired hairstyles for all hair types

– Sweep your hairstyle finder hair over to one side, preferably revealing your “better side”, using bobby pins to secure the back. Try this tutorial here to get the look. – If your hair is fairly thick, try bringing it together in a sleek ponytail and pulling it to the side. – Experiment with a new part, and see how you like it. Changing your part — whether your hair is straight, wavy, short, or long hair — will easily transform your look. — SLICK IT.

Top hair and nail Instagrammers

Here, we have compiled a list of a few of our favorite hair and nail Instagram accounts. Some would [obviously] disagree, and that’s okay… that’s pretty much status quo when it comes to anything beauty. But we stand by these being a few of the best- full of fun, fresh looks, advice and tips, beautiful photography, and little else. HairandNailFashion. This account covers all things beauty, and they do a great job. Most of their pics are nail designs, but they also share quite a lot of hairstyles, makeup looks and fashion trends.